Angelo from New York

Angelo from New York

For 23 years I have been suffering from disc degeneration with spinal canal narrowing and extreme stiffness with heaviness in my lower back and legs,

into the feet and toes along with painful joints and tightening muscles that progressively gets worse. For this condition, I have travelled the world and have seen hundreds of doctors and health practitioners ranging from MD’s to mystical healers, qi-gong, acupuncture, nutritionists, chiropractors, massage therapists, Reiki healers, herbal medicine from  all traditions including Ayurvedic, Chinese, Tibet, South America and others.  

   Recently, I have had to stop all exercise aside from light stretching as the condition started to worsen more rapidly, making daily life and sleeping extremely uncomfortable.
   Fortunately, I became aware again of Master Cui, and he was able to diagnose me from a picture taken of me in Long Island, New York while he was  in his office in Colorado. He asked me to come visit him and to receive some special treatment which he assured me would be of great benefit.
  The treatment is not exactly acupuncture as it is traditionally practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine, although traditional acupuncture was later utilized at the close of each treatment session. This form of acupuncture uses a much more rigid, thicker needle and Master Cui’s hand never lets go of the needle for the short duration of the puncture which seemed to be between five and fifteen seconds for each of the many insertions. To be quite honest, because of the severity of the disease and the length of the illness, Master Cui warned me that he needed to treat it extremely aggressively in order to achieve good results. It did involve pain for the short duration that the needles were inserted which immediately seemed to vanish upon the removal of the needle. However, compared to the pain of daily living for the past 23 years of living with this condition, I was more than happy to endure the discomforts.
   More feeling and relaxation and better mobility has returned to my legs. Master Cui also assures me that if I continue with treatment, I will assuredly continue to improve. For now, I am very happy with my results until I can return for more treatment.
   Over the course of these 23 years that I have suffered with this problem, I have received acupuncture from at least 40 to 50 different acupuncturists for countless sessions and probably thousands of needle insertions both in the United States and the orient but have never experienced any real improvement until working with Master Cui.
     Master Cui possesses an almost supernatural wisdom when it comes to diagnoses, far beyond that of any other practitioner that I have ever met and even beyond any modern technological machinery used to examine the body in order to determine the source of the problem. Master Cui’s true genius lies in his intuition, knowing exactly what method of healing would be best for each disease and sometimes combining methods to achieve the maximum results.
   While in Master Cui’s office, I also had the good pleasure of watching and listening to him as he treated other patients. He has a certain very powerful focus and understanding with his patients where he very quickly gets to the heart of the problem and quickly goes to work on it. It also seems that every patient seems to leave his office with great relief or they are not permitted to leave until the crisis is alleviated.
    I am very grateful to Master Cui that I have received some great relief from this illness and also that I will have the opportunity in the future to continue treatment with Master Cui to completely cure my body.

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